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Brazil has a broad transportation system. You can even rely on it if you’re planning on going out of the metropolitan area. Renting a car can be the most efficient and economic transportation method you could choose. Here are the advantages of renting a car in Brazil.



  • Safely: with a GPS you can drive in a unfamiliar city even. Nowadays we also have dozens of apps in ours smartphones that do exactly the same job and it’s also really easy to use.
  • Faster: if the traffic is intense at some point of your route you can just get an alternate route, remember you have a GPS guiding you.
  • Comfortable: you can set the air conditioner at the temperature you want, listen music and many other things you wouldn’t be able in a public transportation.
  • Fits your needs: if you’re traveling by yourself you can get a budget car like a hatch, or if you’re traveling with your family/friends you can get a sedan or even a SUV, wherever suits your needs.
  • Economic: instead of using Taxis or Uber drivers, and having to wait for the car to find you and spending different amounts of money each new day, you can rent a car and pay around 35$ per day with an all inclusive packages.
  • Hitting the road: you can decide to go to the coast or even to a chalet. All you need to do is put your suitcase in the truck and drive.


Rent a car


Where to rent

There’s plenty of car companies you can check with, even at the airport . But the best option is always booking it before you go, then you will have time to take a look at prices and some others details you might not know yet. Usually the tourist agencies have the best deals, because they work together with the car rental companies you might see at the airport. For example, you can get a budget car with air conditioning for around 35$ per day with all the inclusive packages. You can also arrange a pick-up and drop-off point, just be sure to check with the rental company to see if that option is possible


Requirements for renting a car in Brazil

You need to be over 21 and have a credit card under your name together with a full valid driver’s license, if your license is not in roman alphabet (i.e. Arabic, Greek, Russian, Japanese or Chinese) you need to bring an International Driver Permit as well as your national driving license). That’s all that you will need.

We also recommend that the driver and the passengers should always keep your passports with them, just in case you’re stopped by a police patrol .



Renting a car is an easy, effective and economic way of traveling in Brazil. It also could provide you and your family with a great time together exploring the city, and Infinity has the best solutions for you.

Feel free to contact us contato@infinity.tur.br , we have plenty of advantages to renting a vehicle and the all facilities.